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“TranceLocation” is an online radio platform that offers a dedicated progressive house radio station. Progressive house is a subgenre of electronic dance music known for its melodic and uplifting sound, characterized by a steady beat and evolving melodies.

  • Through TranceLocation’s progressive house radio station, listeners can tune in to a curated selection of progressive house tracks, mixes, and live sets. The platform aims to provide a comprehensive experience for progressive house enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of subgenres within progressive house, such as deep progressive house and melodic progressive house.
  • TranceLocation’s online platform allows listeners to access the progressive house radio station from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that progressive house fans can enjoy their favorite music on the go, whether they’re at home, at work, or traveling.
  • In addition to the progressive house radio station, TranceLocation may offer additional features such as artist interviews, news updates, and coverage of progressive house events and festivals. These features aim to keep listeners connected to the progressive house community and provide a holistic experience for progressive house enthusiasts.

With TranceLocation’s progressive house radio online, listeners can immerse themselves in the uplifting and melodic sounds of progressive house music, creating a vibrant and enjoyable musical journey.

Top 10 progressive house musicians

  1. Andrew Bayer: Andrew Bayer is an American DJ/Producer known for his unique progressive house productions on the Anjunadeep label He combines melodic elements with intricate production techniques to create captivating tracks.
  2. Will Sparks: Will Sparks is an electronic music DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia. He has gained significant success with his energetic and uplifting progressive house tracks 2, making him a prominent figure in the genre.
  3. Sick Individuals: Sick Individuals is a duo known for pushing boundaries in progressive house. Their collaborations and energetic productions have garnered them a dedicated following within the genre.
  4. Eelke Kleijn: Eelke Kleijn is a Dutch DJ/Producer known for his high-quality progressive house releases. His tracks often feature intricate melodies and atmospheric elements, creating a unique and immersive sound.
  5. Matt Lange: Matt Lange is a progressive house artist known for his attention to detail and emotional impact in his productions. His tracks often blend elements of progressive house with other genres, resulting in a distinct and captivating sound.
  6. Jody Wisternoff: Jody Wisternoff is a British DJ/Producer who has been a prominent figure in the progressive house scene for many years. His tracks are characterized by their melodic and atmospheric nature, creating a dreamy and uplifting vibe.
  7. Arty: Arty is a Russian DJ/Producer known for his melodic and anthemic progressive house tracks. His music often evokes a sense of euphoria and has gained him a dedicated fan base worldwide.
  8. deadmau5: deadmau5 is a Canadian electronic music producer known for his innovative and genre-defying productions. While he explores various genres, his progressive house tracks have made a significant impact on the scene.
  9. Eric Prydz: Eric Prydz is a Swedish DJ/Producer who has been a driving force in the progressive house genre. His tracks are characterized by their infectious melodies and driving beats, making him a favorite among progressive house enthusiasts.
  10. Sasha and John Digweed: Sasha and John Digweed are legendary DJs and producers who have been influential in shaping the progressive house genre. Their seamless mixes and innovative productions have made them icons in the electronic music scene.

Please note that this list is subjective and based on personal opinions and popularity within the genre. There are many other talented progressive house musicians out there, and individual preferences may vary.

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