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TranceLocation is an online radio platform that offers a dedicated Drum and Bass (DnB) radio station. The DnB radio station on TranceLocation provides listeners with a diverse selection of drum and bass tracks, known for their fast-paced beats, intricate rhythms, and deep basslines.

  • Listeners can enjoy a variety of subgenres within the realm of drum and bass, including liquid funk, jungle, neurofunk, and more. The station features tracks from both established DnB artists and emerging talents, offering a dynamic and evolving playlist for DnB enthusiasts.
  • With TranceLocation’s DnB radio, you can immerse yourself in the energetic and pulsating world of drum and bass music from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the genre or looking to explore the DnB scene, TranceLocation’s DnB radio online provides a platform to discover and enjoy the cutting-edge sounds of drum and bass.

Top 10 Drum and Bass musicians

  1. Andy C Andy C, often referred to as the “Executioner,” is a legendary figure in the drum and bass scene. Known for his technical prowess and high-energy DJ sets, he has been pushing the boundaries of the genre for decades. With his razor-sharp mixing skills and relentless beats, Andy C has become a true icon of drum and bass.
  2. Noisia Noisia, a Dutch trio, has made a significant impact on the drum and bass genre. Their production skills and intricate sound design have set them apart, creating a unique and futuristic sound. With their heavy basslines, intricate rhythms, and cinematic atmospheres, Noisia has become a force to be reckoned with in the drum and bass world.
  3. High Contrast High Contrast, also known as Lincoln Barrett, is a British DJ and producer known for his soulful and melodic drum and bass tracks. With his infectious hooks, uplifting melodies, and smooth vocals, he has brought a fresh and accessible sound to the genre, appealing to both drum and bass enthusiasts and mainstream audiences.
  4. Chase & Status Chase & Status, a British duo, have been instrumental in bringing drum and bass to the mainstream. Blending elements of drum and bass, dubstep, and rock, their music is characterized by heavy basslines, high-energy beats, and powerful vocals. With their dynamic and genre-blending sound, Chase & Status have captivated audiences worldwide.
  5. Calyx & TeeBee Calyx & TeeBee, a duo hailing from the UK, are known for their intricate and hard-hitting drum and bass sound. With their impeccable production skills, they have created a unique blend of dark atmospheres, intricate drum patterns, and heavy basslines. Calyx & TeeBee’s tracks are a perfect combination of dancefloor energy and musical innovation.
  6. LTJ Bukem LTJ Bukem, also known as Danny Williamson, is a pioneer of the drum and bass genre. With his smooth and atmospheric style, he has been instrumental in shaping the liquid drum and bass subgenre. Known for his soulful melodies, rolling beats, and jazzy influences, LTJ Bukem’s music is a testament to the versatility and creativity of drum and bass.
  7. Alix Perez Alix Perez, a Belgian-born, UK-based DJ and producer, has made a name for himself with his deep and atmospheric drum and bass tracks. His music often combines heavy basslines, haunting vocals, and intricate percussion, creating a captivating and immersive sonic experience. With his unique style and attention to detail, Alix Perez continues to push the boundaries of the genre.
  8. Logistics Logistics, also known as Matt Gresham, is a British drum and bass producer known for his uplifting and melodic tracks. With his catchy hooks, energetic beats, and soulful vocals, he has crafted a distinctive sound that appeals to both drum and bass purists and casual listeners alike. Logistics’ music is a perfect blend of emotion and energy.
  9. DJ Marky DJ Marky, a Brazilian DJ and producer, has been a prominent figure in the drum and bass scene for many years. With his energetic DJ sets and infectious tracks, he has brought the vibrant spirit of Brazilian music to the genre. Known for his funky beats, rolling basslines, and infectious rhythms, DJ Marky’s music is guaranteed to get you moving.
  10. Sub Focus Sub Focus, also known as Nick Douwma, is a British DJ and producer who has made a significant impact on the drum and bass scene. With his unique blend of melodic hooks, heavy basslines, and infectious beats, he has created a sound that bridges the gap between commercial appeal and underground credibility. Sub Focus continues to push the boundaries of drum and bass, always staying true to his roots.

These talented musicians have played a crucial role in shaping the drum and bass genre, each bringing their unique style and sound to the table. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the genre, diving into the tracks of these top drum and bass musicians is sure to take you on an exhilarating sonic journey.

Experience the adrenaline-pumping beats and infectious energy of DnB with TranceLocation’s DnB radio online, and let the music take you on a thrilling sonic journey.

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